Monday, October 31, 2016

KECC Weight Loss Challenge

KECC Weight Loss Challenge
Sponsored by the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

All state employees are invited to join in on our weight loss challenge which starts Wednesday, November 2nd.   

Lose 9% of your body weight in 12 weeks

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 – Wednesday, January 25, 2017

  1. $20 to participate. At the time of registration, a $5 donation will be donated directly to KECC.  The $15 registration fee will be distributed as prizes to those who meet their 9% weight loss goal.  
  2. Payment due at time of registration.  Participants will not be fully registered or allowed to submit a starting weight until payment is received. 
  3. Pre-register with Laura Negron ( CHFS campus employees and CHFS field staff should contact Beth Morris at to pay and register and arrange for onsite or photo email weigh-ins. 
  4. Late registrations will be accepted. However, no additional time will be allowed (For example – if someone wants to join AFTER November 2, they can, but they will still only have until January 25 to meet their goal).
  5.  Initial weigh-ins will begin on Wednesday, November 2 (later submissions will be accepted). 
  6. Weigh-ins must be at an approved site. Verified off-site field staff weigh-ins will be accepted with prior approval. Please contact Laura Negron for weigh station options. 
Current weigh station locations:
  • Capital Plaza Tower (11th floor) 
  • Chamberlin 
  • Teton Trail 
  • Fish & Wildlife headquarters 
  • Capital City Complex (Versailles Road) 
  • Sower Building 
  • KYTC Building 
  • Kentucky Retirement 
  • State Office Building 
  • CHR Building 
  •   Kentucky ABC 
Additional Details:
  • Participants must weigh in weekly (up to 2 missed weeks will be allowed).  If you miss more than 2 weeks, you will not be eligible for prize money.  
    • If you will be out of the office, you may weigh in at home or off-site and email your weight as proof of weigh in, as long as it’s not the first or last week of the challenge. 
  • Please note – due to holidays, the weeks of Nov. 21 – 25 and December 26 – 30 are exempt from the mandatory weigh-ins.  
    • Participants may still submit weights during those weeks, but missed weigh-ins will not count toward the 2 allowed “skip weeks.” 
  • Participants who have lost at least 9% of their initial body weight on January 25, 2017 will be awarded prize money (equally divided between all winners). 
  • Participants will be given their goal weight at the initial weigh in.  Participants must be at or below their goal weight at the final weigh in to receive prize money.  Goal weight is based on the participant’s weight at the initial weigh-in. 
  • Participants who meet their goal prior to January 25 must maintain the goal weight until the end of the challenge. 
  • Everyone who loses 9% or more is guaranteed at least their $15 registration fee back. 

Proceeds will be donated to KECC!

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